Investments in sustainable start-ups from the construction industry

Buildify Earth

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We have only one planet Earth. Excessive resource consumption and CO2 emissions threaten this unique habitat. But new innovative solutions to reduce negative emissions exist or are being explored. Further, circular economy approaches enable us to conserve resources.

That's why partners with ambitious climate venture founders to support their visions and create impact at scale. Together, we're building a sustainable earth! was founded in June 2023 by Switzerland Innovation Park Central, private investors and the Zuger Kantonalbank.

For Start-Ups is part of the innovation ecosystem of Switzerland Innovation Park Central. With the comprehensive service offering we provide you an ideal environment to develop solutions with best product-market fit and gain direct market access. We offer you venture capital as a convertible loan or against equity.


For Investors offers an exclusive opportunity to invest in startups from the university and company network of Switzerland Innovation Park Central and NEST. Through our lean and professional organization, the invested money achieves maximum impact.

Wir glauben an echte Partnerschaften und langfristige Beziehungen mit allen Beteiligten. Deshalb haben wir nicht einfach als einen weiteren VC-Fonds konzipiert. Um unsere gemeinsame Wirkung langfristig zu maximieren, wird einen Teil aller zukünftigen Erlöse wieder in das Start-Up-Ökosystem reinvestieren. Damit bieten wir Stiftungen, Konzernen und  Unternehmerinnen und Unternehmern eine einzigartige Investitionsplattform zum Mitmachen, Gestalten und Nutzen.


Shem Mattli

Managing Director,
Switzerland Innovation Park Central

"With, we can perfectly support our start-ups in establishing and growing."

Heinz Buhofer

Switzerland Innovation Park

" allows me to invest in Swiss start-ups and projects that address the urgent challenges of our planet."

Zuger Kantonalbank

Switzerland Innovation Park

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